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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  August 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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hello and good morning on this what do we like to call it, friday eve? friday eve. >> thursday. >> yeah. >> thanks for watching cbs north carolina i'm stefan chase. >> we like friday eve. good morning i'm russ bowen. it's early it's 5:00 a.m. but thanks for being with us beairshelle edme is with us where police are searching for clues after an early morning shooting. >> ali warshavsky taking a look at your morning commute. alyssa corfont is here with the forecast. russ saw rain i. did not see any rain. >> yeah, i saw a few sprinkles yesterday. so yeah, very hit or miss. there will be a better chance for showers as we head into this afternoon. that's also going to cool us down today. so i'm sure many people will enjoy that. we're on the dry side right
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i still think we'll see the break in the cloud cover for the sunrise this morning no. though as clear as past few mornings. let's get to the temperatures if you're just rolling out of bed. it's 77 here in wake county. 74 in durham, 72 in roxboro. 71 in henderson. southward temperatures dropping a degree or so. now, at 77 in fayetteville. 76 in raeford, lillington and clinton. a quick look at your forecast for the day ahead. we'll be right around 8:00 a.m. 87 by noon today. mix of sun and clouds. not nearly as hot. yesterday we hit 97. today i think right around 91 with a chance for showers and storms developing later this afternoon i. will let you know what day we'll have the best chance for rain coming up. right now, let's check in with ali. any early morning accidents yet? we continue have any crashes out there. we do have a disabled car right by lake wheeler road. not seeing it cause any delays if you're out there on i-40
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you head out the door. if you're traveling through durham no issues there. roads look good. 85, 40, moving well. fayetteville, no problems on 95 or any of the local roads there. it's definitely a good time to head out the door if you are up and at 'em. westbound drive times, nothing out of the ordinary on 540 from u.s. 64. 23minutes. and 14my its. if we take you outside give you a live look at i-40 and harrison avenue things are moving along pretty well for 5:02 in the morning. a breaking story in wake forest. we're get ang update. that's where beairshelle edme. we'll get to her in just a few min zit a woman in fayetteville is expected to be okay after
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tiffany pines neighborhood. police have not made any arrests and are asking for anyone with information to please come forward. fayetteville police arrested the man they say raped a 15-year-old last month. 36-year-old again been get turned himself in and had bond set at $200,000. right now in the moore county sheriff's office is conducting a death investigation. somebody discovered a man's body alongside dickerson road in the again done area. anco nearby. they're looking to see whether the car is related to the death. the car is registered to the man whose body they discovered. authorities are also still trying to determine how that man died. durham police are investigating a deadly crash involving a motorcyclist. it took hours for crews to reopen highway 55. a deadly officer involved shooting. take a look at the stills.
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and firing at officers. police eventually shot and killed the man identified as carl nivens. they got into the scuffle after responding to the store. police also say the gun recovered was reported stolen. as is the standard procedure for the days, like this, the officers involved are on paid leave at this point. the attorney for the man convicted of killing and dismembering his ex girlfriend is grant hayes attorney claimed his rights were violated by the state. it also claims. prosecution use the unreliable witnesses. her body was found in a texas creek back in 2011. he appealed for a new trial but that was denied. right now, more than 1000 firefighters in southern california are working to get the massive blue cut wildfire under cell. the fire has burned through 24,000 acres in just 36 hours.
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homes and buildings burned. we're right in california where firefighters are working to safety town. >> reporter: the inferno raged on for a second night in san bernardino county. fire crews are paying particular attention to the ski town of wrightwood where flames are inching closer and closer to homes. >> hopefully these guys will take care of it then we can be safe because we got no place to go. >> reporter: the blue cut fire has already mage countless homes homeowner ron ramirez able to return home yesterday to find his dogs safe and his property still standing. >> all these houses across the street are to the ground. everything's burnt to the foundation. so i didn't have much hope for our place. but we got -- we were fortunate. >> reporter: despite a mandatory evacuation order in wrightwood some have mixed feelings about leaving their properties. >> it's my home.
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>> cars are lined up and ready to go if we have to go. >> reporter: cathy has warned against staying behind. >> last summer we did lose some people fire behavior changed and they refused to leave and there were lives lost. >> reporter: so far more than 82,000 people have been forced to evacuate. cbs news, wrightwood, california. >> hot, dry and breezy conditions continue today. red flag conditions remain in effect for san bernardino news out of wake forest where police set up a perimeter to investigate a shooting. >> just after 1:30 this happened. beairshelle edme is there with brand new information you were just briefed what do you know? >> reporter: i just spoke with the lieutenant and he kind of walked us through this investigation and what they know at this point. they said two shots fired calls were received at their dispatch. after the second call officers
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north allen street and nelson avenue to find a victim just outside of the hope house lying there. they then transported that victim to the hospital. there is no word on the condition of the victim at this time they are looking for assistance from the public. they tell us they really don't have any information. there's no arrests, no suspect and they haven't quite been able to pinpoint quite much information about what took place in the moments leading up to this shooting this morning. now we are told that victim was seriously injured and they are again looking for assistance frontal the public. we also learned that late last year there was a shooting in this neighborhood but officials say it's not necessarily a problem area for them but they are questioning trying to question rather anyone who may have information about what took place here. now, the hope house where this happened, perhaps is actually a community resource in wake forest.
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community organization has worked with many local agencies and in fact holds a lot of programs throughout the summer but throughout the entire year, too. also serves as a food pantry for the community. but at this time it's unclear if there's a direct connection between the hope house and this shooting. but what we do know is that that victim was found near this location. so we will continue to follow this and try and gather more information as authorities learn more, as well. we'll bring you updates right here live on cbs north carolina in this newscast. for forest beairshelle edme. >> working hard there on the scene, thank you. time check, 5:08 we showed you this video yesterday. do you remember? olympic runners getting tangled on the track. >> there's another chapter coming up later in sports an update on the extent of the injuries and the other opportunity they had to cross the finish line. >> and temperatures this morning are in the mid- to upper 70s. 75 in southern pines. 77 right now in fayetteville. not going to be as hot later
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beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond. thanks for waking up with us on cbs north carolina. stefan chase alongside storm corfont. in the morning, the morning crew we love to talk about food. so now that's where my mind is. i'm not focused on the weather. >> we were talking about puppy chow. >> the checks flicks of mix. >> you -- chex mix. >> if you find any of that save me some. 77 degrees this is a live picture from our tower camera. we're looking out over the beltline. not a lot going on this morning. i'll be honest with you.
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the sun rise in a little over an hour, we are looking at a little extra cloud cover. so we'll watch for that as the skies get a little brighter. in the meantime the drive time forecast. 77 right now u. auto expect us to fall around 74 by 7:00 a.m. then we'll see st. temperatures climb. 77 at 8:00 a.m. 80 by 9:00. calling it partly cloudy. so nothing that should have a negative impact on your morning drive in. what will have a bigger impact is the chance for showers and storms later today. but none of that now. just a little extra cloud cover. as far as the temperatures are concerned you may be just rolling out of bed. 73 in south hill. 75 across johnston county. so as you're making plans today, 87 at lunchtime. 91 our high. yesterday we hit 97 so this is going to be a drop that i'm sure many of you will notice. back to 88 by 6:00 this evening. more on the rest of your work week forecast i guess that just
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time right now is 5:13 parts of louisiana still ubdz water this morning. still to come who has set to
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top stories right now breaking news around 1:30 this morning wake forest police respond today a shooting on north allen road. they took one person to the hospital. we dent note victim's condition. police are still looking for the gunman. >> authorities pulled two american olympic swimmers off r testify about their account of being robbed with ryan lochte. now, lochte is already back in the u.s. but is said to be cooperating. >> today republican presidential candidate donald trump plans to discuss his national security plan during a stop in charlotte. doors open at 4:30 the event begins at 7:30. beau minnick will be there and have reports on and also during our evening news casts. such a sad story at least 13 people are dead after widespread flooding in louisiana.
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to put your head around, 70,000 people asking for federal disaster assistance. >> reporter don champion has more on the recovery efforts from baton rouge. >> reporter: the head of homeland security will tour dammic in south louisiana today. the fight to protect down stream communities from the walter that already flooded the baton rouge area has taken to the skies. mississippi national guard helicopters ha flow. >> i appreciate that. >> reporter: in places with new flooding like this town crews used boats to check on people still in their homes. not far away, the mayor estimated at least 75% of the land in his town is underwater. >> some have inches, some have feet. my house has probably 5 feet. >> right here is like the kitchen. we found it just like this. >> reporter: in baton rouge
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cleanup process. he said it's overwhelming. >> i know it's material things and you can always gethem back. but it's just it crushes you because you feel like you're violated. >> reporter: for yet another night curfews were in place in some hard hit areas. don champion, cbs news, baton rouge, louisiana. >> some may be ebola jill to receive grants to help with the rebuilding process which is going to be making a big impact on a homeless mother and her children. >> i just love this story. it gives me goose bumps a follow up to a story we told you about a few weeks a again. when jeneh swaray-akajo and her three children asked for help. she says they not only said no, but a guard called the police when the mother would not leave. well, that phone call to the police, turned into a gift when officer nicole hawkins got
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toiletries and food for the family. >> i'm a mother. i have kids. and i just wouldn't want to be in that situation. >> reaping out to those who need help, i feel like -- >> two other officers helped hawkins pay for more nights in the motel. the mother told us that she has recently found a job and has leads on more permanent housing. wow, we wish her all the luck. >> absolutely. >> just a nice s >> yeah, certainly that's a nice story a good follow up, as well. 77 degrees right now. a leave picture from the raleigh durham international airport we're all starting off on the dry side. may be starting off with a little bit more cloud cover than the past few days. right now the big picture, few scattered showers through virginia. back to the west from time to time maybe a few sprinkles towards it's mountains. >> our state pretty dry. that will change later this afternoon. i am expecting that chance for rain to really pick up late
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so let's work on the temperatures first before we talk about the timing of the rain. 71 in henderson. 73 in south hill. recally at 77. 76 in lillington and clinton. 75 in goldsboro. 75 in clayton, raeford also in the mid-70s. so here's what you need few know as you're planning your day. something that won't change from the past few days, the muggy conditions as you step outside. right around 77 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 87 at noon today. still a mix of sun and clouds. more clouds later 91, though, the afternoon high. that is about 6 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. yesterday was certainly a hot one for us in the triangle. we're dropping back to 88 by 6:00. storms still in our forecast. so a look at the future forecast we'll work on the timing. we're looking at partly cloudy skies this morning. >> can't rule out a shower at noon. most of us dry. then we have a better chance for rain in the afternoon. this model keeping us on the
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that's what's i'm leaning towards. that could continue through midnight and then as we head towards our friday the majority of us should start dry but we could see more showers and storms develop into the afternoon. it's important to net it won't be a washout. an update on the tropics. we've been watching it was yesterday tropical depression six this morning it's tropical storm fee oh nan. wing at 45 miles per hour. could maintain that status as however, as we head towards the weekend ahead it looks like some wind sheer could start to pull this apart. really storm still in the open atlantic. poses no threat to us right now. 91 in raleigh. 90 in durham and 94 in fayetteville our afternoon highs. later tonight, then, 74. isolated storm early. overall i think the clouds are going to hang around for us. we head towards friday, 91, chance for showers and storms. saturday looking very similar,
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the rain as we head towards sunday. and then look at next tuesday and wednesday. boy, are they looking nice. plenty of sunshine, 87 our high tuesday. 85 on wednesday. 5:21 right now. a check on the commute with ali. not a bad forecast and not bad driving conditions if you're heading out there. bright and early on this friday eve. sounds better than thursday, right? if you are heading out the door and head through cary, harrison avenue we have a crash there. right at chapel hill road. it looks like everyone's moving well past that but heads up to you there. durham roads look good and down through fayetteville no accidents, overnight construction slowing you down through that area. if you're doing some traveling today looks like you'll be arriving to these major airports on time. flights good flying conditions i should say. not seeing any delays at these major airports. a live look outside at i-85 and duke street in durham where
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the new school year means high school football teams will be hitting the fields. >> jeff jones has a preview of new season in this morning's
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football season. >> it might be time to change that and start counting down the hours. we're 36 hours from the start and this year, we actually have a new local team to keep tack of. friendship high school opened last year and only had a jv football team, then. this season, though, it's time to test their luck on the varsity field. we were at practice with the patriots yesterday morning and they told us they are not intimidated about playing with the big boys. he's not sure arrived about the number of players he has. >> what will you do if you have over 60 kids. we hit 85 guys on the roster. 116 in the program without seniors. a lot of that attributed to excitement and energy. tons of people want to be a part of it. >> for more on their first varsity season don't miss todd gibson's feature story.
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don't forget to tune in at 6:00 and 11:00 for more updates. i'm jeff jones we'll see you in a few hours right here on cbs north carolina. >> always good to see our friend jeff jones. here's an update to a story from yesterday it's a story from the olympics that epitomizes true sportsman like conduct. >> in the women's 5000 meter race. there's a fur person pileup. after the fall pair can runner she tripped over. she ran more than a mile with a torn acl and strained mcl. instead of quitting when it got really tough. newzealand racer was there to cheer her on. both ladies finished the race and buzz they were tripped, both received invitations to the finals. unfortunately, because her injuries were so severe abby is not going to be able to compete. >> still a great story u. auto
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chain. >> i think you should look into it. >> 5:27 your time. coming up beairshelle? >> reporter: we are following breaking news out of wake forest what we now know about an early morning shooting. >> still a very active scene. also we'll head out the door. we have your forecast. yes, you are finally going to get a break. >> the 80s feel like the 50s compared to what we've been dealing with. so that's a good thing. >> but how prepared do you need to be for we'll let you know. stay with us. we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging?
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breaking news on cbs north carolina, police are searching for a gunman after app early morning shooting in wake forest. >> plus a mother of three, a vote ran, a daughter murdered in a greenville home with three daughters.
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in that case. and 2 u.s. olympic swimmers who say they were with ryan lochte when he was robbed are stuck in rio this morning. what their attorneys say they have to do before they're allowed to come back home. hello and good morning. thanks for watching north carolina news i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase i. look at your morning news and check on traffic. first the forecast. probably going to be a hot one but rain could be also on the way. yes, it is still going to be on the warm side. i expect us to stay in the low 90s later today. we starting off on the dry side for the majority of us. pointing out the isolated showers in the central portions of virginia. some could clip mecklenburg county in virginia including south hill. so that's something that we'll watch closely over the next hour or s. the majority of us in north carolina are on the dry side. so your current temperatures haven't moved much, 77 in raleigh and fayetteville. 76 in lillington. 73 in clayton. we have the low 70s in


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